Which Product is Right for You?

Your skin is in the same mood as you, and occasionally it will be irritable due to stress, physiological periods or climate issues. The
more troubled your skin problems, the more “simple” treatment you need. 

When your skin begins to show extreme symptoms, it is usually not caused by a single factor. Air pollution, physiological cycle, life pressure etc., all may cause skin discomfort or disorder. At the same time, oil control is required and dry cheeks must be prevented. How to choose a suitable skin care product? In fact, the more tempered the skin, the more it needs to be treated simply, by reducing the factors that may cause skin discomfort, allowing the skin to achieve a stable and balanced muscular state under milder maintenance and restoring your favourite healthy skin.

At 23.5°N Skincare, we have developed various product lines using our unique Farm to Face ingredients to focus on different skin types. We believe in using only simple ingredients to care for you skin, no matter the issue.

Sensitive & Problematic Skin

Ⓘ Sensitive skin with redness 
Ⓘ Oil and sweat prone skin, irritated complexion
Ⓘ Adult acne come and go with change in climate and physiological cycle

Try Rice Soothing Series

Oily & Acne Prone Skin

Ⓘ Skin easily becomes oily no matter the weather or temperature
Ⓘ Large visible pores 
Ⓘ Adolescent with acne problems

Try Oriental Beauty Tea Balancing Series

Dehyrated Skin

Ⓘ Unbalanced skin such as oily T-zone area and dehydrated cheekbones
Ⓘ Makeup does not stay
Ⓘ Skin feels thirsty and dry in an air-conditioned room

Try Bamboo Ultra Hydrating Series

Uneven & Matured Skin

Ⓘ Uneven skin tone, with dark spots, acne scars or other pigmentation problems
Ⓘ Dry and tired complexion, decreasing skin elasticity
Ⓘ Matured skin, for 30 years and older

Try Red Pearl Barley Brightening Series

Dull & Thick Skin

Ⓘ Skin looks rough and dull
Ⓘ Dry flaky patches from dead skin cells
Ⓘ Troubles with whiteheads and blackheads

Try Pineapple Exfoliating Series