Our Roots and Philosophy

Back to our roots - real, sun-kissed crops, untainted by harmful chemical fertilizers or pesticides, they carry pure and high nutritional values. 23.5°N Natural Skincare believes the magic of plants comes from their ability to create and support life and everything on Earth; plants are naturally nourishing, especially with the nutrients our skin needs. Here at 23.5°N Natural Skincare, we trust that we can take very good care of ourselves using what nature can provide to us. Let us live in harmony with Earth and develop true beauty through the beauty of nature. Now take a deep breath of fresh air, sip on some natural spring water, enjoy the beautiful sunshine, and reap the benefits from the pure and nutritional plant extracts that 23.5°N Natural Skincare put together in its unique skincare for very healthy and happy skin.

What the plant can give far exceeds your expectations. After moving the Jianan Plain, which was surrounded by beautiful rice fields, I watched as the vast, mountain-like sunset dyed the horizon in bold, orange-red. I grew to find the countryside more and more fascinating. The flowers, fruits, and vegetables grown in the 368 villages and towns throughout the year had a very nice sweet taste, but few people talked about their positive effects and uses for skin care. I decided to set off to find the finest sources of pure plant extracts by visiting small towns around Taiwan, and then worked on developing formulas that brought out the best in them. There is nothing better than choosing what suits you best.

— Founder Helen Ho

The Tropic of Cancer at the 23.5°N latitude marks the northernmost point at which the sun directly shines overhead. The Tropic of Cancer passes through 16 countries, most of which are deserts and grasslands; only through southern China and Taiwan does the Tropic of Cancer create the unique phenomenon of abundant rainfall and flourishing forests. Inspired by the natural beauty of these lush tropical regions, 23.5°N Skincare products are expertly crafted with powerful, plant-based active ingredients. Using only the pure essentials in simple and lightweight formulas, 23.5°N Skincare offers a functional range of products that suit different skin types and needs.