From Farm to Face

Thanks to the changes in seasons and the lush greenery brought about by the Tropic of Cancer, at 23.5°N Skincare, we are able to source a variety of the best plant extracts from partners who share our belief in quality and appreciation for pure and organic crops. Together we thank our dear Mother Nature for the bountiful harvest we receive every year.


Origin: Douliu Township, Yunlin County, Taiwan
Coordinates: 23°68’N, 120°51’E

Rice fields can be seen everywhere along the southern bank of the warm Zhuoshui River, where farmers busy themselves with new harvests at least twice a year. A single stalk can produce over a hundred grains, and each grain contains various essential vitamins and minerals, especially the Hydrophilic group and the Vitamin B group which are the keys to healthy, radiant skin. With Rice being the staple food for over half of the world’s population, it is one of the most vital, indispensable crop.

Red Pearl Barley

Origin: Erlin Township, Changhua County, Taiwan
Coordinates: 23°91'N, 120°40'E

Red Pearl Barley can only be harvested once a year in May and June. It is susceptible to harsh winds and is a difficult crop to plant and grow. A barley stalk can only bear up to four seeds. They are like prescious rubies that are difficult to obtain. Also known as "The Grain of Life and Health", Red Pearl Barley is rich in fiber, Vitamin B1 and B2, and natural barley fat which deeply moisturize and nourish the skin from the outside to inside.


Origin: Zhushan Township, Nantou County, Taiwan
Cooridinates: 23°67'N, 120°69'E

In Guizhu Lin, underground stalks are grown everywhere, creating a beautiful landscape of planted slopes. The bamboos here can grow up to 24.5 cm per day, making them one of the fastest growing bamboo species in Taiwan. The freshest of the most tender gui bamboo shoots can only be collected at dawn before the sun rises. The deeply hydrating essence extracted from these bamboos helps keep the skin moisturized, firm and healthy in all seasons.

Oriental Beauty Tea

Origin: Emei Township, Hsinchu County, Taiwan
Cooridinates: 24°41’N, 121°0’E

From experiencing the prick of a small green grasshopper's bite, to having its leaves plucked, withered, watered, stirred, oxidized, fermented, stir-fried, twisted, hand-rolled, dried, and other processes, the life of Oriental Beauty Tea can be said to have culminated from a thousand battles as it achieves its unique honey-brown aroma and texture. Orieintal Beauty Tea contains more tea polyphenols and tea tannins than other teas. With a sweet honey scent, Oriental Beauty Tea helps maintain a clean and refreshing appearance even in the heat of summer.


Origin: Minxiong Township, Chiayi County, Taiwan
Coordinates: 23°55’N, 120°44’E

Pineapples thrive in the heat, but not direct sunlight.  As it grows, its long leaves extend up above as if praising the earth and sky. During the fruiting period, farmers can be seen bundling the leaves around the fruit to cover it from the sun like a makeshift sun hat. The pineapple is one of the easiest plants to grow, yet it is also incredibly delicious and healthy. It is full of Vitamin C and enzymes, making it a naturally effective exfoliant.